Punk Suicide Note

I wrote this poem at a time when it was reported that a 10yr old boy took his life, by hanging himself, because he was tried of being teased about his perceived homosexuality. It effected me greatly and it disheartened me to see his story not taken up by the mainstream gay media, which was too busy pursuing bourgeois idea of marriage, or blinded by racism to the extent that they could not bring themselves to the point of covering a young Black boy hanging himself.

Punk Suicide Note

I heard church bells ringing as I tied the noose
Course rope circling soft skin in the afternoon sun
All the while, hands clasp in union
Commitment promising eternity
When I die there will be one mourner
Mother of mine on her knees
Skin black as night
When I leave this place, only she will be sad
And LOGO will report on the Anderson’s wedding

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