If Ridge St Could Speak III: Cruisin

“It opened up my horizons a hell of a lot. I didn’t relate to them as the great white fathers or like some kind of gods, like some of the white revolutionaries did. As far as I was concerned, they were two dudes who had made contributions to revolutionary struggle too great to be ignored.” – Assata Shakur on Marx and Lenin.

Yesterday was an interesting day for thought. I mean it’s always a good day for thought but, being around my more well read friends (comrades is too formal for me and just seems like a business relationship.) I just had some passing thoughts on being Black and Queer and Marxist ( I mean, I always do but this is my blogspot so if you’re here, you know it’s kinda the theme of this place.)

After listening to my friends go on an entire lecture about the Russian revolution and other European class struggles I became a bit frustrated that the same attention and detail was never paid to the contributions that people of color have made to class struggle and the over all struggle for liberation world wide. It almost seemed to me as if the same societal hierarchy of racial importance was being replicated in the Left discussions I had been having. Any history pertaining to people of color was/ has been tossed to the side only to whipped out for back up of points already made and being able to recite Marx, Lenin, Engels and the like is what gives the real cred. The Assata quote above popped into my head immediately.


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