I don’t plan on commenting much about popular culture here in terms of music and entertainment, despite the fact that music is much of my life. BUT, Kanye has mad me do it. I have small gripes with the fact that Kanye has stopped his political commentary BUT BUT BUT I still have mad love for this man. I appreciate that Kanye is anĀ listener of music, that you can tell, by listening to him, that he loves what he is doing. You can tell that he isn’t a hip hop artist that is rapping just because he has a mic. Kanye loves hip hop, it oozes from him, and I respect that. I hate rappers that constantly remind me that they could be making money else where. (put down the fucking mic then!) Ye also stands out in the game because he is fearless, and doesn’t get stuck in the cultural binaries of hip hop, for the most part. He gives you art and isn’t afraid of what it will look like when he presents his finished product, as long as he is satisfied in his expression. From his videos to his album covers Kanye brings on the artistry.

Much love. Much respect. Much anticipation to see what’s next.

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