. . .random thoughts from today

“The marxist left, for the most part, contains the same white supremacist/ racist mentality and hierarchy of writings and thought as the rest of society and It’s very tiring.”

“revolution is inherently spiritual.”

“that guy by the elevator is cute.”

“men manifest patriarch tendencies through socialization. We are conditioned to only see problems when they are ours, to talk aggressively and dominate conversation. So even when we are fighting our socialization it can still come up in ways we aren’t cognizant of. That’s part of privilege.”

3 thoughts on “. . .random thoughts from today

  1. YES! I’ve been feeling like this for a while. I’ve been in conversations with other leftists that have turned into arguments where one person is dominating and spewing all this knowledge from all these books and the other is trying to defend themselves. I feel like I’ve been on both sides of the fence here. Yes we are socialized to interact this way but it can also have to do with a person’s politics as well. Those who feel that a vanguard should be above working people b/c working people do not have the capacity to govern themselves a/o those who do not throughly study race and sex from a social and psychological stand point. I feel like many times leftists imply that studying the political/economic analysis’ of race and sex are fundamentally more important than studying the social and psychological aspects of these forms of oppression. In reality though, I feel like a dialectical materialist analysis does not always convey how a person of color or a woman is psychologically affected by these forms of oppression, how we think ourselves inferior and internalize racism/sexism the way we do. I feel like its been really important for me to read books which speak on the social and psychological affects of the political and economic structure that we live in, but other leftists do not appear to think these perspectives to be valid. And of course there are many among the left who don’t bother to study white supremacy and patriarchy at all.

    A few months ago after I had had a coversation with someone from another leftist group and he (a middle class white male 10 years older than I) spoke to me in a very condescending, aggressive, and pretentious manner I had one of those light bulb moments. I had felt intimidated by him and embarassed that I did not defend my view points better- in fact I had been shocked by how rude he was that I was a little lost for words. After that experience I decided that changing my political perspective was more than just believing that we necessitate a restructuralizing of out political landscape. For me, it has also been about changing my values and my behavior towards others. Rethinking how I speak to people and how I treat them, creating personal relationships that are based upon caring, compassion, LOVE and respect. I feel like these realizations also solidify my political perspective that working people can govern themselves, that we need to trust people, assist them in their struggles, not take control of them as a pretentious “vanguard of the revolution”.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. I completely understand what you were saying and I agree. I have been talking alot lately with my friends about how our concept of revolution has to be as much about thoughts and the way we interact as humnas as much as the physical situation and that this has to be something worked on and talked about from the on set and not just thought to come about through overthrowing capital.

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