Legends of The Ball VII: Tracy Chapman

* This week’s “Legends of the Ball” segment is coming to you guys early because I have to be out of town and don’t know if I’ll be able to post while I am away all weekend, so I gotta bring it to you now. As a side note, I am very appreciative of all the love this space has received, thank you so much. Please stick with us and spread the word. And aye! hit up the comment box when the spirit moves you, this should be a breathing space that we can all be apart of.

She is a travelling light. A wandering story-teller, authentic and spiritual. When she sings, there is something humble and honest about her lyrics and delivery. Tracy Chapman is truly a gift from the ancestors. She brings us face to face with ourselves, her music serving as a mirror. From the first strum of “Give Me One Reason” Tracy let it be know that she was not here to brag, not here to show out, or even entertain, she was here to be honest, to speak to us in the langauge we needed not that which we wanted. Thank you Tracy.

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