CAN WE NOT?!?!?!

Can we not?! I am so disgusted right now I find it hard to speak. I know, I know that I am ignoring what I always say about no part of society being separate from another but I am still dismayed by the video above. The proposed show “Hollywood Houseboys” aside from being obviously staged is a so sickening to me because it is just another in a long line of stereotypical portrayals of queer Blacks as nothing more than snap happy, drama crazed, fashion obsessed, shallow, beings. I am fully aware that there is nothing wrong with being naturally flamboyant, I enjoy snap queens, HOWEVER, the overload of this particular image verges on sickening. In the same way that I am tired of seeing Blk womyn as crackheads or welfare queens, I am tired of seeing Queer Black men as these shallow creatures. There is much more to us than this. In addition this “reality” show looks like it was made by the main person (“Ryan” aka the messiest queen on the show) We do not need to engage in the same foolishness that is flooding the television screens. To hell with what this does for the image of Afro queers in the larger society, I am upset at this being visible within our community. We need to move with purpose, this is just a mess. And I am not even going to go in on the Trans Womyn who is allowing herself to be the center of the degradation.

At least one person feels me. Get into Ms. Aeon Farr, who has her own opinion of the show.

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