Negro Star Prayers

* I was looking through old books of poetry and found this one. Hella interesting where my mind was. I think this is somewhere around 9th grade. Very long ago.

Negro Star Prayers

Once a star fell from the night sky. In her dark hands it burned white. Tears fell from her saddened eyes. She vowed to hold the star forever tight. A silent prayer to the star she did say. Soft and quiet as the night. Her heart had grown heavy in the passing days. “Please star” she whispered “make me white.” “We negroes here have no fun.” “Life is hard and full of strife.” “Save me from this aweful fate.” “Oh please dear star, make me white.” No response was recieved that night. No pale skin or eyes of blue. In the field she forever sat. Hoping against reason her wish come true.

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