Legends of the Ball XII: E. Lynn Harris

When I had no words for what I was E. Lynn was there, when I was beginning to articulate my thoughts and feelings E. Lynn was there. E. Lynn Harris, who passed away last year, was key in the development of my queer identity. I remember finding his books in a Borders and reading aggressively. I had never read novels about Black queer men. It served to give me an anchor in the storm of criticism and confusion over my budding sexuality. Harris, was paramount for me.

To this day his boldness and drive still serves as an inspiration for me. He began hustling his novels, about the lives of Black queer men, out of the back of his car and built a strong base amongst African American womyn. Harris saw a market that didn’t have room nor value for what he had to offer and he opened his own lane. He made our stories known and for that I will forever be thankful. Not a bad legacy my brother.

Rest in Uhuru Lynn.

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