for colored boys. . .

This is for colored boys who are considering suicide

It is very clear that our lives are not of value to the profit driven rulers of our society. It is very clear that our lives are of little value to our communities and at times we even feel as though our lives are meaningless. It is all too easy to lie down and die. But it is for that exact reason that we cannot.

We are powerful, our voices thunderous, our movement dangerous. We must be bold enough to live. To stand in the face of the fascist, and religious zealots and tell them yes “I do dare to live, I do dare to love, I do dare to struggle for a world where I do not have to live is back alleys and corners.”

In my younger days I spent countless hours perfecting my heterosexual disguise, spent countless hours crying in my Bible and hoping against hope that I would wake up changed. I felt alone. No one was there for me. I was fortunate enough to have a mother as an ally, but that isn’t enough. There was no organization set up to help save my life. Harboring such profound pain is not healthy. And so I spent most of my post-college life looking for a love that I never received in my adolescence. I wish someone would have told me then that I was beautiful, that I was worth something.

Regardless of how much media and how many specials exist, nothing can replace genuine community. Messages like “it gets better” sound patronizing at times but they are true if we make them so. We must use this pain to create compassion. This world is often times a horrible place and we must transform it, this can only be done with those most hurt by the ills of the world in the forefront.

One thought on “for colored boys. . .

  1. i hope you find the space that loves you and holds you as you thrive and grow through tenderness and toughness
    much much love and solidarity

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