A lil something about a lot of something.

*ok I will say more on this later tonight but right now I just need to get this initial anger out.*

I am sick and tired of these responses to the queer suicides of the last three weeks. We either have had the patronizing and pacifying “it gets better” campaign. Which, in my opinion, is completely patronizing to people experiencing the profound pain of daily terrorism in school because it, like the gospel, is telling you to wait, have faith and believe that something will get better. Queer youth don’t need beliefs, we need action combined with compassion. Where is the agency and self activity of queer youth, who are one of the more vulnerable sectors of this society?

Below is one of the more infuriating “it get’s better” ads. It is true that individuals have their own stories, however, I am noticing a trend of privileged queers and allys who do little to no work with youth distilling their knowledge from up high.

Here is a response to the ad. that I agree with for the most part.


On the other end of the spectrum we have outright victim blaming by other members of “our community”.

This is not what is needed.

*ONCE AGAIN: I’ll post more later about this. I just needed to get this out.*

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