Legends of the Ball XV: Queen Latifah

All Hail!

Latifah stepped on the scene as one of the most dynamic, feminist, versatile and afrocentric lyricist of her day. “Ladies First” became an anthem for the sistahs on the block. I was recently talking to someone much younger than me who didn’t know that Latifah was an emcee and, not only that, didn’t believe she could have ever been. The youngster stated that female emcees don’t look like Latifah. I had to take a step back to realize that for most young people, not in touch with the vibrant hip hop underground, the prototype of a female emcee is Trina. Latifah represents a time not only of greater substance but of diversity in hip hop, which is something that needs to come back.

Over here at “…ordoesitexplode” we have always known that Latifah was “family”. But we aren’t into outing people, that is a process that must be organic and from the person. In any case, we are glad she has found acceptance in her path and is living authentically. Long live, all hail and every other noble salute goes out to you Latifah, beautiful sista. Peace.



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