As We Fuck

They would rather us die off

Stretched out with their monstrous tubes running throughout

Man made oxygen pumping through nostrils

Clinging to borrowed time

Hey would rather us bludgeoned to death

Chased down the boulevard by other able bodied Black boys

Hands up, crying family

Glossed over by high powered news crackers looking for something more appealing

Cause the dead only matter here when they’re white

And niggers killing off one another is common place.

They would rather us choke to death as we go down on one another in alleyways

Kneeling in the shadows of god and his men

Praying for quarter to one another before Golgotha

Seas rising on salted tongues

Purple bruises on brown skin

Billy clubs on black tones

The state would rather us dead

Killed by our own nut as we exchange snatches of intimacy masked as high adrenaline fucks

Taken off to Betty Ford

The free clinics are sick houses, bloated with Black bodies

God’s great irony always comes when I’m confronted by some pale faced motherfucker

Beggin me to sign his “right to marry” petitions

What does the HRC, or any of these well to do gay organizations have to say about Duanna Johnson?

Or the New Jersey 6?

What is the Castro doing for me?

When I am murdered will I get remembrance?

These pink suit bourgeois half steppers are fighting for fucking in the church, their pick of third world babies, and equal distribution of rainbow flags in the old navy.

What demands do I have equal to that?

My revolution can’t be made in wedding chapels or adoption clinics

I just want peace

And decent housing

And if this mother can’t give me that then I’m finna burn it down

2 thoughts on “As We Fuck

  1. WoW. First time visitor to your site and probably not my last.

    And the the truth is, THIS is an incredible piece!

    Thank you for sharing.

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