Take Your Time

When I think of joy and life I think of music. Throughout my life, music has been somewhat of a salvation for me. A port in the storm and a way to express more clearly than I ever could with a pen, what I feel. I literally feel like something seriously wrong when there is no music somewhere.

I remember first hearing “Take You’re Time” by the “S.O.S Band” when I was very very young and the bass line was too funky to resist, to seductive to ignore. This particular funk song fills me with love and pride for my people and my history and my life. It isn’t connected to any strong personal memories. It isn’t political in any sense. But it is pure soul force for me. I just have images of Black people in this country enjoying themselves and cultivating life from terror, pulling glorious light from circumstance. I see my family dancing and smiling. It’s amazing what music can do, the journey you can take. The legacy of Black people in this country, in addition to being one of the most revolutionary sections of the working class, has been one of art and culture. We have contributed so much to the culture which can be identified as American, whether credit is given or not. In anycase, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share with you all, something that gives me just as much joy.

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