We have done alot of listening. . .

Two of my favorite artists are two controversial and powerful African men. Chris Ofili and Yinka Shonibare have become notorious for their work. Ofili is an artist known for using dried elephant dung as the base of his canvasses and paints provocative images of Black womyn. His painting, “The Holy Virgin Mary” was so controversial that former NY mayor Rudy G. attempted to have it removed from an exhibit calling it disgusting. Shonibare is known for creating elaborate Victorian clothes out of kente cloth. His most famous piece is “Scramble for Africa” a display depicting the breaking up of Africa by wealthy European nations. Below are some of my favorite pics of them and their work. The message is up for interpretation but the talent is undeniable.

In the words of author Chinua Achebe: “Africa has done a lot of listening, now it’s time for the rest of the world do listen to us.”

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