Third Sermon is HERE!


It’s Here! After a month + of working on the following chapbook, “Third Sermon” is here. It’s a collection of 13 poems, essays and short stories. The booklet is 20 pgs back and front so it’s 10 pgs all together. You can download a copy in the “art and chapbooks” section of this blog. Below are two sneak peaks (short poems) to peak your interest.


At Night

After more smoking and more drinking

 In the earlier parts of the morning

 In the dim lighting of this room

 I hope to resemble the girl you love across town

Do I?

Are my lips as full as hers?

My skin as soft?

Do I inspire dreams of picket fences and green blade perfection?

When we fuck this time, will the lights stay on?


They’re dropping bombs from the sky now.Scorching brown lands red.

And “terror” is the word masked behind others like”safety” and “freedom”.

Blood rain cried on an Afghani wedding. . .

Some trigger happy queer, proud to finally be a patriot


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