I woulda thought my coming to you was obvious.

That you would understand that I came here purpose.

Bringing you flower shapes and warm shades.

And I know, I am not some dream lover.

I cannot offer much.

This thick body cannot move  as you would like.

These hands not as experienced. My tongue not as well versed.

And for these reasons I sought to understand you more.

Bare your abuse and make compromise.

But I am no longer interested in defining my love as something to be struggled for.

Something to be endured through.

For me love, our love is something of wonder and beauty.

Not a death march.

I do not want to go through hell for what we have.

To say “look at all I have said and done and put up with.”

That is not love for me.

And if it is for you, then I am here on my knees

begging you

to stay away from me.

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