I Feel For You.

Powerful. Bold. Radical. Black. Big. Beautiful.

Chaka Khan reminds me of a particular power found in Black people. When I hear her sing it’s almost as if she is conjuring up spirits and singing through them. There is such a range and force in her tone. I was first introduced to Chaka via the Erykah Badu live CD- in which Erykah covered Chaka’s “Stay”. When I was informed that Erykah had not created that song I remember going through my mother’s old records to try to find the womyn who sang it originally. Slowly I found them


      “Ain’t Nobody”

                   “I Feel For You”

                                 “Stronger than Before”

                                                    “I’m Every Woman”

                                                                   “Tell Me Something Good”

Recently I have spent countless hours staring at my ceiling, in some enlightened haze, riding purple clouds and listening to Chaka. I feel her music shaping my thoughts, influencing where my mind wanders as I think about my life and the directions I want to go- the stories I want to tell, men I want to love, places I want to see. In all of this aimless wandering, she is there. And on days like this, where I am stuck at work with very little to talk about, she’s here, telling me it’s alright, telling me something good.

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