Another Freewrite.

* Not all my free writes are posted up here. But this one is important so I’ll post. My relationship with my father is very complex and the source of alot of pain and joy. While this poem isn’t completely true (it’s a dramatization of my feelings around conversations and events) it speaks to alot of my feelings around this relationship. 

Poem began at 3:20pm

was going to be about a dream lover,

but memory kicked in

I am the remains of semen released, unintentionally

of the strained passion cries

and mornings that open in violence

The realization that we live in the clink

and the lowering of ceilings built high off bourgeois expectation

There is a warm spot on the hand shaped print decorating her face

There is steam coming from the top

There is glass on the kitchen floor

And there is silence in the room moments after my father hears that mother is pregnant with a child he did not want.

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