Of Mules (vol. 2)

We exist more and more in a world that resembles some strange science fiction. The more Capitalism develops and seeks new ways to expand, to grant more privilege to the wealthier classes, the more we bear whiteness to frightening innovations. The following video disgusts me to no end. It is the frightening marriage of patriarchy, racism and capitalism.

I can’t help but imagine some Matrix-like future where there are factories of Brown womyn giving birth to wealthy Western womyn’s babies. We see this appropriation of Brown wombs as the latest in the exploitation of Third World womyn. Intrenched in neo-liberal/colonial/western-made poverty, womyn of “Third World” countries often find themselves being the most easily exploited section of the labor force. Everyone from Coke to Apple has a share of sweat shop labor.

The masterstroke in this nightmare comes with the fact that once again the politics of capitalism play out on the female body. It is the apart of patriarchal, capitalist workings- to have womyn’s bodies as battlefields, on which social antagonisms unfold.  

And still, there is always doubt caste on why feminism and queer theory are proposed as valid points of analysis in political circles. In a society where the effects of our oppression are varied and multifaceted, it becomes necessary to analyze and engage with a lens that challenges not only the class nature of the beast but the gendered as well.

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