Free [W]rite: Finding some healing words.

I know I haven’t written on this here blog in a long time and I apologize for that. Serious things in my life arose and I cannot control that. I can however choose how I would like to respond to those things. And I believe that the writing process is apart of the healing process for our lives – and thus apart of the revolutionary project. For me, writing heals the wounds of oppression both personal and political, making me a stronger and more loving person. Which is something revolutionary under White Supremacist Patriarchal Capitalist alienation. Here is a free write from this morning, the goal of it being to get out any emotion onto the page:


I touch

parts of parts of you

in darkness

Moving in moonlight

Wrapped like shrouds around the children of peril

And the gloating of the lesser gods forms a smothering circle.


I loved you through a hell storm.


Loved you like southern summers

mule bones, and dirt roads, and harmonicas, and the look on Uncle Floyds face as twilight sets on South Carolina.

Loved you like freedom

revolution and the people


Loved you throughout foreverness


And together I thought of shaping light

and making some new thought with you.

Taking the mud of our lives and transforming it in the service of truth

. . . and ourselves


finding homes that feel like mama’s heart beat

and solice


and anything but now

where life hurts.

Where words cut.

Where darkness doesn’t just reference the sun.

2 thoughts on “Free [W]rite: Finding some healing words.

  1. You are one of my favorite poets. Not just because of your skills and lyrical qualities, which you have plenty of.

    You are one of my favorite poets, because you use your skills to express raw, honest, insightful, bits of your soul that people can feel within the depths of theirs, because that’s how real it is…That’s how real you are.

    And I love you for it.
    (We will make history)

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