Words for the Week.

words. for. the. week.

Life is constant transition. Western thought, which seeks immortality and eternal wealth for the individual, opposes transition and change because it posits a dissonance with the very universe as opposed to a healthy praxis that seeks peace with the ebbs and flows of existence. Recently, I was hurt very deeply by a good friend. And though I have visions of community with this person in the future, in the moment I am hurt and angry. When I woke up this morning I looked at the “Healing Words Freewrite” and drew inspiration from it. Here is what came about:

“Healing Words”

Im serching for some healing words

Some kind of soul tinged piece of loving to rouse me in the morning

Some kind of faint comfort whispered in my ear.

Some joy wrapped sunlight

or mama’s laughter bottled.

I want some healing words that stick to your ribs

move and inspire you.

Help transcend beyond strife and transgression.

Yea. . .

at this moment some healing words would be nice.

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