Poem For Chaka (happy birthday sister)

This weekend marks another revolution around the earth for one of the many powerful souls. Ever an inspiration, my favorite memories of this person are those of dreamers. Laying on beds with magic fabric. Wandering around lakes. Touching the sand and wondering how deep the ocean goes. Loving our people and wanting more for and from them. My sister is beautiful and bold. A powerful, communist, feminist, Black, revolutionary, lesbian, artist- who would as easily laugh off any ridiculous category assigned to her as she would take that label, own it and transform it into something more fabulous than it was before. This weekend we honor ChakaZ. (who has a beautiful blog you should check out: http://chaka85.wordpress.com/) Here’s to you powerful sister and in your honor, I give you this poem. Hope it starts the weekend with love and spirit.

_ _____________________________________________________________

lifting us ever higher

her sonic thoughts dance in circles

around my ear drums

telling me stories.

of future uprisings

revolutions and possibilities

and , indeed, she is like the wheat


in the love she gives us and herself

patient in her stance and mindful sway.

– crunch

2 thoughts on “Poem For Chaka (happy birthday sister)

  1. i’m blessed to have this resonate with me because i’ve gotten to know this incredible womyn and you describe the moments with her perfectly.

  2. The trauma of living in this world has conditioned me to experience happiness and love as pieces of memory to be treasured, because it did not last. It is this connection we share. This road we troad down together, which helps me grasp the earth when it shakes, compelling me to believe in a love that will liberate us all.

    Thank you so much for your spirit brother. You are an inspiration to many ❤

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