Fuck A Pill

Please read the following link before my thoughts:


It is my honest belief that if they could, they would have us all on pills- each one more violent than the previous. The movings of medicine and healthcare in our society do not correlate with curing the sick, they do not contribute towards the undoing of our various ills. Quite the contrary, medicine (western medicine) exists to create more profit for those in control of the production- as do all things in Capitalism. The people find themselves caught up in confusion- somewhere between propaganda and independent thought.

The invention of a pill that will reduce the chances of contracting the HIV virus is not a Godsend- it is not a blessing. It is something rather sinister. Our paths towards this virus are varied, and come from multiple origins but it is hardly ever happenstance.  For me, there was a tremendous lack of self-love and sex education. Those two things combined with the great social alienation of queer men- the pressure to love in the dark, to only see one another as objects of flesh- led to my infection. For many (not all) I assume that the case is similar

What can a pill do to counter act that?  What can a pill do to heal the wounds of our alienation? What can a pill do other than generate capital and misery?

Our ancestors did not believe that the body had to be beat into submission to escape sickness. Non-western medicine does not seek to rip apart and destroy our insides in order to remove a disease or virus. These pills continue not only the war path against our selves but enforce the dissonance between our spirits and our bodies by completely removing our ability to be “in” our bodies. We are zombied masses.

And what of the people who do not have the virus who are considering the pill as a viable alternative to self care and protection … It seems that danger and self destruction is being dressed up as science. It saddens me to the core to think of the generations of folk who will look to this “medicine” as a way to side step the hurt and turmoil that makes us engage in reckless sexual behavior…

fuck a pill.

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