A Poem For Viola

the question remains no longer

as to whether this soul encounter will birth brilliance strong enough to heal worlds.


whether or not I am ready to learn all that could be at the side of such a being.


whether or not I am courageous enough to accept and give your love- which is unending.


soul turning. love pushing

you bring me out the know myself

to see myself, in honesty.

like light sat down.

cause that is what you do for you.


investigation. curiosity and revolution.


Viola, a name as pure and as strong as the spirit which it decorates.

And as the moon has its place in wombs, ceremonies and intentions, I love you dearly.


who makes laughter with misery

sets twisters to earth

breaks convention

and rebuilds society.


I honor you.

With every movement of my heart

and breath that I speak.

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