Spells is Might.

spells is might.

they mean no harm to the people nor are they thoughts of the sinister.

spells is power and healing and love open ended and over flowing.

They is intentions sat down by our people, for centuries, under this very sun. And we existed in their embrace- guided by natural intuition and inclination. To cast a spell is to send out a thought to the universe- a blessing of peace and purpose.

bad spells. wicked womyn and forked tongues came with capitalism and the white colonizer seeking to take the resources of of womyn and people of color alike. Salem womyn. Witch womyn. Bitches they were under the male gaze. They communed with one another, prayed for one another

both blessed and affirmed one another through the healing of the Earth- our mother.

black magic. painted like the very skins who practiced it- another white myth.

my people saw sun and moon. dreamt in dirt, rose and ran in fields. laughed in the rivers i’ve hoped to know and made life accordingly. They saw signs and felt vibrations.

we honored the earth. and in turn were blessed.

a spell is a reflection of that very truth. It is a soul gift given from one to another. spells ain’t evil. They’re the makings of life.

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