Things I Done.

i dun moved passed the mourning of flesh beneath the skin that now slightly hangs about

in anticipation of the tightening that comes with movement.

and I dun gone through some dancing notions about suicide and giving up on the life worth living

the fight i still got to give

the people

like dat conquering lion riding

and me as apart of the ceremony


this disease has made things clearer than before

made them into real things

now no longer abstract

i feel as though i know something more


my time here has always been short

no fretting there or crocodile tears.

i carry a years worth of sundays for this world

a flower i have to give


my body has felt worse

will and might makes it better

intention makes it strong

powerful enough to accept the embrace of love ive missed


my mind is sharp

ready to be put to task

for liberation. for my people. for our universe


I no longer have time to cry over how i’ve done myself or how i been done.

cause i have a deeper love




and molding


And this is a spell i cast for myself tonight.

in spite of the day that has been

and because of those to come.

2 thoughts on “Things I Done.

  1. I love the flow of the words
    the way the emotion hangs on them
    not in a heavy sort of way that we fear
    but in a way that exudes depth
    complex realities of living in this world

    Thank you brother for your intent and will ❤

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