reflection poem.

i think.

i take these pills because i am told they will prolong my life.

stretch 10 to some other number,

hold flesh,

change health,


create catalyst for more

and set.



, i think,

is the action of breathing, laughing, making and being.

hold flesh.

myself and i

and you.


Life is the state of human experience, interaction and consciousness.


my art sometimes is sad

because my life is also

and i think

that its ok to make decorations with your misery sometimes and craft beauty.


i want

to be rid of this virus.

and have something less miserable to cry about.


and i am moving closer to that day.

each word being a step away from the dark that enveloped.


i write

how i like –

to feel,

to hold

and to know.

each word is a step away from the darkness that enveloped.


i want to know how healthy i can be.

2 thoughts on “reflection poem.

  1. I love this poem for many reasons, but I particularly love “…make decorations with your misery…” and the idea that one wants something less miserable to cry about, but not to stop crying, not to stop feeling. Thank your for your generosity in sharing.

    1. thank you for reading and receiving. understanding our pain isnt the same as being complacent with it. thank you for understanding that. Thank understanding and your words are so appreciated.

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