A Note of Intention

and maybe at the end of this sickness 

we can find some time to unwrap just what it is we have been left with. 

maybe witches, with their tools and such

can aid us in discovering 

that which was made inaccessable to us.


i am only here 

pleading my case outloud

to whoever would decide it was them time to hear.


i want things for us 

like open fields

clapsed hands 

love notes

spring walks

and autumn lays.

i want tremedous shake ups

lak revolution.

the end of money

re-enstatement of love



and free sex,

i want us to have the free-est sex.

and for it to mean nothing to anyone but us.

because it makes us happy. 


and maybe i know how get to that.

maybe some action leading there can be this note of intention. 


and hope for better tomorrows. 

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