land grabs.

i knew you’d be a nasty motherfucker.

one of the ones you bed

and break up with

only to- be made to suffer through

a river of pleas and insults.

hurt feelings

and things not completely turned over being thrown

as violently as our fathers threw fists.


as fast as our mothers covered up our queerness by playing up the need for every child to self express.


as deadly as the silence we fucked in.


I knew my number should have stayed mine.

knew you’d get mad

same as i knew showing interest in your life would get me in your pants.


i knew that we both were being unfair.

Both praying on emotion for ends left unsaid.


we are two Black men.

who are  predators of flesh in so many ways

and victims of a nervous condition

perpetrated on us

by a colonial power.


and when speaking, thats how it out to be told.

with truth laying on some part of it.

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