more mumblings about the closet.

id like to speak to you how’d i like- when id like and not be afraid of the terrible things that sometimes await that kind of boldness- the lynch mobs, baptized tongues and forked speak. There are fields that i go to sometimes im my mind. i call them forever. id like to go there with you and at least hold your hand.

id like to hold you when i need to. I don’t mean to be too much. After all, this ain’t meant to push a love on you that you don’t want. Its more about us hearing and being heard. And not caught between the “could be’s” and thousands of angry eyes ready to set fire to what we got. I want to be able to want you more openly.

Id like to fuck, once, without the aid of intoxication. sodomy need not be secretive neither be love.

And id like to show you where I groove. And not be up in arguments about the way we look because they only matter in this world and the universe of our making is something beyond this entrapment.

id like us free to feel.

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