finding our father’s hearts

finding our father’s hearts. coming to understand them. seeking to wrap forgiveness around them. and still hold them in an honest embrace is the deep workings of feminism. undoing the patriarchy is hard and landing in a place that is healthy for self despite whatever violent communication is heartbreaking at times. for some this may mean leaving them on the curbside. for others this may mean reaching for hands unfamiliar. its all work. hard work. another lesson im being taught returning home. beyond the promises of “i will be better than him” that i made to myself there is small hope. i hope we can work towards one another someday.

5 thoughts on “finding our father’s hearts

    1. i feel that. its so hard to begin to fid ways to undo the harm or even communicate that which has hurt us. we all have to come to our own solutions because there is no right or wrong in them. the only value is in that which is healthiest for us. coming home has really ignited these thoughts in me. i never think that i will be completely at peace with alot of the violence and harm he has committed. but i do want to work on its damaging effects on me and my ability to love. Id love to talk with you more about this when i return home- if you’re down. =) much magic and glitter to you.

      1. yeah, relinquishing control over him changing frees my heart a little. now to do that from a place of love rather than a place of defeat is where i want to put my energy. and i would love to 🙂 holler when you’re back. i’m in the baybay again.

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