Leeroy likes the 1R

cause its the shitty bus movin’ fast through town

and he’s a movin’ man.

hustling a dime sack and a smile

from 82nd to the Bottoms.

Today he’s in a suit

fine as a Sunday

hoping to get hired.

And folks laugh at the nigga

who rides on exposed dreams,

a worn vest and used charm.

several say sad things

bout his needs and addictions:

women, glass dicks, some tightness, fightin’ and such

encouraged by malt.

say he’s marked

to suffer the fate of most Black men

to inch silently into pain.

stepped on.

but Leeroy smiles through

and on

and helps old ladies with their bags

and drinks water from jars

and on

and sings spells he hopes might bend fate

so that worn vests lead to something with good pay.

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