other rememberings.

i must remember how holding myself feels
if for nothing more than this sensation
of a thousand tickling suns laying down on me
in places that is low and touched
and endless and beautiful
and opening and gay

i must remember to only know skies
dark and holding of the bluer notes
mooning at night
becoming undone for those who have proven dedicated enough to to see our shame.
and loving enough to kiss it delicately, turn it over, open it and kiss it again until there be tears.
and in light- endlessness.
something vast and mine
and on and on
giving imagination
and i want that.
That kind of freedom that grants me sky.

i must remember to take note of how i hold myself around other men.
cause there is realer danger
than what was seen reflected
and cause i need to hug them something serious
and lay with them
be something i can and desire
and i must remember to do all that in my skin.

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