Fleshtones- free Chapbooks by Crunch available now!!!

i write to get free.
i write to make that which holds itself in the pits of my heart, and that which seeks to live off my sad, irrelevant.
i believe that the telling of our stories is healing and that it may bring us to a higher understanding of what it means to be human.

babylon doesn’t want us to tell our stories- doesn’t want us to tell our stories because that deep communion is something threatening. it could mean that we may unite under a common tongue of love and build off of that.

i read because i feel free and liberated.
i read because i am at once, transported from and grounded in reality.

if it weren’t for words- i fear i would be crushed under the pressure of infinite sorrow.

i like to give the gift of words, in the hope that other will understand me, share their’s with me, and find something that may help us all get through the day.

i have released two new chapbooks- “Breeding Oak Trees” and “Our Bodies Should be Natural Here”. The first is a collection of poems and the second is a collection of short stories and prose. these come off of a year of reflection, growth, relapse, harm and triumph. I sincerely hope that they may find homes that will appreciate and hold them.

if anyone who enjoys this blog would like one (FOR FREE) just hit me up either in the comments or through a message. Ill mail one to you, for free, blessed with glitter and love. You can message me here ( cliftonrashad@gmail.com )

night, dreamers.

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