sometime after bein’ found

ah woulda screamed if the seas wasn’t so deep

if mah throat was held  

if ah mahself had thought to treat ah better.


an’ da many white hands shoulda signaled somethin’

shoulda told me what darkness dere was 


but often we don’t see things as clearly as we should till they have passed.

we don’t declare danger until the hydra has been summoned and all an all emcompassing fear has taken hold. 


ah wanna be close to somethin

under sheets

in blue and yellows

royal purples too

an dat desire has led me ta dungeons


an here ah lie



cold and scared

– rescued by witches but still lost in sickness. 


in daylight

i throw up

the infintie sorrow that has led me here

the pills, vapor, saddness, anger, neglect, an’ so on

an’ watch it dissappear into itself- swirling down.

an’ ah speak promises of no return- cast spells bigger than mah ability an’ hold to the hope dat one day seekin’ open beds won’t be tramatic. 

an’ hold to the hope dat ah can more comfortable
navigate the sea

move past bad magic an’ be on mah own dreamt up shore. 

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