more phone calls. . .

in order to speak

you must first listen

must first know what craving means

what a stomach on fire feels like

and what being spent is.


the truth is that 

addiction is firstly addiction


no pity needed.

no forced accountability on anything other than this Babylon

no nothing unless love proceeds it in action and thought. 


no broken promises


double stares

and inconvenience . . .


if you really do love a person who is addicted 

then love them.


and not with frustration or assumption.


i keep echos of former friends voices in the halls of my mind 

and i spit on those words while walking


this time i will win

not by steps


but by will. 


this time we will win

not by sideline cheers

but things deep and moving

like soil


if our lives are to be saved . . .


if our lives are ours to save . . .


if our lives are to be saved . . .


drop anger and plant seeds. 

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