Contrary to what thought is had on the matter- my love is not unending.

It does not go on too freely

Love-she has limits

Moves, folds, and breathes

Love wants to be held

Only by honest tongues

Otherwise love loses what made her such.

If you love me

Please don’t let me down

Be honest, set boundaries

But do stay

Be present for me whether there be butterflies or fire in mah stomach.

Ask about them before coming to conclusions for yourself in silence.

Be present, lover.

Don’t ignore for months what may be a mighty hurt.

Don’t come with or lay under fire unjustly.

Don’t weight my disease more than my heart or the mistakes of others.

And it can be argued that addicts have no right to agency like this-

That we cannot expect others to love as we wish.

Folk after all cannot always be physically there for recovery.

It can also be said that addicts do have angency-

Self determination even

And clearer sight because of the storm.

The same as the responsibility had by us

The same as tongues tickling rhymes all day.

I can have expectations of how the community treats me.

How I am spoken about, for, and to

I have a right to boundaries of my own, as much as those who seek to make them.

I have color in mah walk

And moon light in each of my destinies

I am as human as you

Don’t shun the family you’ve watched become

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