to make history we have to stop repeating its errors

important thoughts for building out of Babylon.
please read this comrades work. . .

Kissing in the Dark...


reckoning with Patriarchy, Eurocentricism, and Authoritarianism within Marxist organization and Parties

 “The main threat to humankind, the flora and fauna and our entire biosphere, is capitalist imperialism: a totally out of control, predatory, global system of accumulation and oppression that’s on a collision course with the limitations of our planet: daily devouring children, women, people of color, the poor, workers of all stripes, wildlife and the environment in the pursuit of profits.

All of our problems rest on the artificial divisions that have been engendered between the oppressed for hundreds of years: divisions based on gender, race, ethnicity, culture, geography, sexual preferences, age and otherwise. These divisions have been fostered, historically, by those who have sought to use them in their pursuit of power and material gain.”

The Dragon and the Hydra: A historical study of Organizational methods By Russell Maroon Shoatz

“It is not the movement which…

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