lessons in hummin’ low

ah have no man
haven’t in a while
ah however have man friends
an womyn lovers
ah always been as lonely as watermelon.
surrounded in folk in red real life energy

ah used ta seek a him who would hum low in mah ears
place flowers in mah hair
an sing songs ta one another – bout revolution-cartoons an dreams

he’s a nice sometimes
an ah see days where we can hold on to one another
like a kind of lover holdin on ta a heart dat has been made healthy from heavy pushing by friends ta find self love

on sunny days in mah room i touch mahself in de mirror
dressed up
i pretend as if ah were performing for us. him
ah adorn mahself in minimal clothing and seek no
accolades for a beat face or overly complicated drag
ah am mahself in black shorts shorts.
a gathering of hair falls to one side- lace front well worth the coins used ta buy and continuously style it.
of course glitter is there.

ah figure
dat if he is ah
den ah am

of course ah can wait fo him
wid routines like dis
ah am all de lover ah need right night
prolly forever if he don’t show
an dat alright wid me

an ah am conducting de movings of an opening ceremony
for lovers only.

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