thinking beyond victim blaming

with all this speak on the weakness of the “black dollar” and black folk’s inability to maintain “wealth” in this society i want to offer this: consider for a second what the material makings of this society are. capitalism is based on white (western) ideology and principle and i don’t necessarily wish to be a success in that manner. “wealth” is built on exploitation and destruction- in order to create monopolies, capitalist must rape natural resources and starve smaller businesses- they must also steal means of self determination from others (historically indigenous folk and women). Black folk have not been given resources or education around a lot of finical literacy- that is true. however, i want to also consider that Black folk do not and have not, historically, held money in our minds in the same way as what this society dictates. we give our last to one another in the name of community and survival. we give to our institutions sometimes more than we do our bellies because the African world view is one of unity. we are not well if the collective is not well. i think it is easy dog Black folk out or play one another- call each other stupid for not holding money as long. it’s important to look at the material facts while we criticize. 

p.s. if a people were placed into slavery, spiritually and physically exploited, and then made into “equal citizens” without any knowledge or tools to move in the same society that degraded and raped them then how could we expect them to be any kind of knowledgable about the way this shit works.

p.p.s. for folk who will say that Black folk invented money i would argue that capital is not functioning nor does it have the same mode of operation.

The Trap.

i want to speak one day

from a place that is not colored in the fear

of generations of boulders sitting

on shoulders

and not have to hustle with words

what should be given- according to the laws of what is natural.

as the sun rounds

and i moon

holding a limp sex, i wish to kiss deeper.

so that we are one day felt past

the ruins of Southeast, South Central, East Oakland, the Carolinas and Shanty towns

and free of this substance of misery-

the trappings of Babylon.

intentions fo de moon.

release. the last three weeks have been traumatic but i am still here. dis ole world ain’t done wit me and today ah woke up feeling alot of feelins sheddin’ off of me. de full moon means release- means freedom from the chains/trials/triumphs/and occurrences of de last cycle. i feel dat and im finna take mah fleshsy self somewhere, wid all of nature and spirits in similar circumstance, and breathe.

in this spirit, ah want to make some intentions to follow.


de most important person in this life to focus on is me. ah am de only one who has to live wid mahself and mah decision. any political process ah am apart of depends on mah healthiness, in part, to succeed. any relations ah involve mahself in depend on me, in part, to succeed. ah want to be honest wid mah-self and mah feelins’. Speak dat truth and move in it. Find a path to place mah self on and live it.


movings always occur. ah should do well to understand dis to an extent. ah want to show loved ones dat ah love them- through good deed and honest words. we mus say “ah love you” while folks is alive. and we mus check ourselves and our friends when thangs are out of whack or dere is abuse.


in other times, ah spent a great deal of energy on findin’ a man which would hold me and love me. dat kinda relation is important but not primary. they who will love you, will come (and probably go too) if we ain’t right in ourselves, and our mission on this planet, then we have nothin’ to offer a partner but “clinginess” and dependence on dem to bring yo life meaning.


ah need to create, complete, and compete. ah want to push mah-self to become a working artist and also a content one. to be published but also satisfied wit de work ah put out. “revolution” is de word of de day and ah want mah art to reflect and speak to dat. we, as artist, have a responsibility to speak for truth through our work. to uplift and enlighten.


living-loving-fighting-creating all depends on my health. ah want to treat mah body wit de respect it deserves.