Because PRIDE is here and i can’t stop it . . .

Since Pride is upon us . . . here’s some queerness the way i understand it . . .

a. stonewall was a qpoc trans/ queer riot. not whit folk lookin cute.
b. gay pride (originally the Christopher St. March) started as a political call out of homophobia, imperilaism, colonization, racism, and capitalism. not just a drunken weekend.
c. just because we can get married doesn’t mean we’re free. if anything is means the opposite. it means the capitalist have deemed us important enough to the political/ economic foundations of Babylon that it wants us to contribute in greater amounts to it’s terror campaign through assimilation.
d. assimilation is a failed strategy! need proof? look at that precious voting rights act that assimilating Black folk struggled for during the Civil Rights Movement. It kinda dissappeared while folk were in the Castro giving bourgeouis social relations the tens. You can never be given full equality in a system built off hierarchy and especially if it established this hierarchy by standing on your back, murdering your people, and telling you that you are inferior.
e. marraige has always been about economics and property relations in the eyes of the state. why else do you think you sign legal documents to inform your personal love of another.
f. starbucks, absolut, walgreens, the police, and whoever else sponsors pride, don’t give three fucks about you, as a queer. they want your money, and the good publicity. if they cared about you they wouldn’t be charging you outrageously for their products. they might actually be giving you some money to deal with this capitalism.
g. the HRC is racist.
h. queers are fierce and have so much fierce history that isn’t acknowledged or celebrated at Pride- lets have our own alternatives. this system necessitated homophobia to build itself. it called us witches, and sinners in order to disrupt peace in our communities and steal resources/ property in order to gain profit. Lets not let this system disrespect us by throwing us a party (and paying to get in), lets tell this system how invalid it is by communing outside of it, celebrating, and speaking on how we are still not free/ how we gonna get there.
i. we’re queer because the straightness is boring. lets not police, or shade, one another about expression and choices.

The Trap.

i want to speak one day

from a place that is not colored in the fear

of generations of boulders sitting

on shoulders

and not have to hustle with words

what should be given- according to the laws of what is natural.

as the sun rounds

and i moon

holding a limp sex, i wish to kiss deeper.

so that we are one day felt past

the ruins of Southeast, South Central, East Oakland, the Carolinas and Shanty towns

and free of this substance of misery-

the trappings of Babylon.

On Going to Pride


I think, as queers, we can have alternative festivals that celebrate our culture and histories. We don’t need a celebration, sponsored by the same Capitalist corporations and people who are exploiting our image to sell products, which we dont need, to back us. These people don’t know what Stonewall was, they don’t know about the Compton Cafeteria, or why there are always drag queens on pride floats (there’s a historical significance to that) These are the same people who don’t care if we live or die. When did you last see Wells Fargo, Bud Light, or the rest calling for a “free CECE” campaign… its capitalism where there profit from comodify-ing our cultures. I want to commune with my folks but not in some corporate sponsored meat fest where body politics are based in the Euro-centric, love politics are based in unhealthy fucks and life politics are based on assimilating to the straight world by saying “look let us marry, we’re citizens too.”

Ive never been a citizen. Was I a citizen when the society enslaved me? Was I a citizen when my sex was made illegal? Was I a citizen when my school was closed leaving me with no where to go? Was I a citizen when had to wait in line at 4am to have my teeth pulled, along with the majority of Oakland because we don’t have healthcare?

Of what citizenship can I attest to have? Queers, Blacks, and other non white, non rich, non men have never had the privilege of citizenship. Only a terrifying oppression from above. And so I refuse to believe that this same society- for once a year- cares so overwhelmingly about my life.

What about Cece? Duana? Anthony? Brandi? or even Matthew? (even he’s barely mentioned anymore) Where are their floats and coverage?

PRIDE was a historical celebration of an outsider culture. Queers- excluded from the society and the culture- made their own festivals. Where we celebrated Drag Queens for their courage, and each other for our uniqueness and wonder. It was a political statement saying that we intended to remain visible in the society and that we opposed fascism, imperialism, sexism, racism, and the nuclear family- all which seek to destroy us and the globe.

PRIDE now is a overdone celebration of a liberal gay identity that emcompasses fucking, assimilating, and drug abuse.

Im not against a party. Girl, lets do this, lets get lifted but lets also be conscious. Lets realize that “equality” and other buzz words are just that: words. Gays need not worry about marrying when we are dying from lack of healthcare, unemployment, the war, housing, violence, etc. . . who has the privilege of sitting and thinking about getting married- accessing a number of rights that should be free to all. And why are we glorifying this one way to love- monogamy. Last time I checked, placing monogamy as the only valid relationship model was damaging and harmful the full expression of human life and the exact vehicle that created the nuclear family, which oppress us and supports capitalism- which kills us

When I was younger and I didn’t know how to be queer in the ways I wanted I saw PRIDE as something special. I needed to be with my people but I think now that I can/ coulda been/ desire to be with them in another way. Maybe in the streets ACTing up, maybe in a dance hall where I am not groped or stalked by white men, maybe in the same area as lesbians and trans folk who are very much apart of the community… until then though, ill only be at PRIDE to flyer and funnel us into something greater. Something that can save our lives.

otherwise … Sorry, honey. Im good